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Bain Ave is a street in Toronto's Riverdale Neighbourhood. For houses prices in Riverdale, see: Riverdale Real Estate - Toronto.

House Listing Prices

Date Address Asking Price School District Notes
27-Mar-101 Bain Ave$699,000Withrow
21-Sep-073 Bain Ave$624,900Withrow3 storey
13-Sep-073 Bain Ave$624,900Withrow3 storey
23-Mar-1122 Bain Ave$949,900Withrow4 br
09-Apr-1051 Bain Ave$650,000Withrow
21-Nov-0751 Bain Ave$529,900Withrow
09-Jun-11175 Bain Ave$789,000WithrowFaces Withrow park
11-May-11183 Bain Ave$719,000Withrow
27-May-10185 Bain Ave$525,000Withrow
26-May-10203 Bain Ave$589,000Withrow
13-May-09213 Bain Ave$679,900Withrow
16-May-08217 Bain Ave$539,000Withrow
11-Sep-10218 Bain Ave$635,000Withrow2-car parking
22-Oct-09229 Bain Ave$838,800Withrowparking
26-Jun-09230 Bain Ave$739,000Withrow2.5 storey, 3 br
19-Jun-09230 Bain Ave$739,000Withrow2.5 storey, 3 br
11-Jun-09230 Bain Ave$739,000Withrow2.5 storey, 3 br
27-May-09230 Bain Ave$739,000Withrow2.5 storey, 3 br
16-Jan-07230 Bain Ave$699,900Withrow
06-May-10234 Bain Ave$795,900Pape3 storey
22-Feb-07240 Bain Ave$519,000Pape3 br
10-Oct-07243 Bain Ave$499,000Pape2 br
25-Sep-07243 Bain Ave$569,000Pape2 br
01-Mar-07251 Bain Ave$550,000Papedetached
01-May-08252 Bain Ave$499,000Papesemi
25-Feb-11261 Bain Ave$679,900Pape2.5 storey
12-Feb-08269 Bain Ave$519,000Pape2.5 storey, lane parking, 5 br
06-May-09274 Bain Ave$569,000PapePrice change from 25-Mar-2009: $589,000
25-Mar-09274 Bain Ave$589,000Papedetached, 3-car parking
25-Oct-08274 Bain Ave$635,900Papedetached
21-Apr-10290 Bain Ave$489,999Blake
07-May-08290 Bain Ave$399,900Blake
22-Jan-10292 Bain Ave$489,900Blake
24-Oct-07292 Bain Ave$399,900Blake
20-May-11293 Bain Ave$479,999BlakePrice change from 21-Apr-2011: $499,000
21-Apr-11293 Bain Ave$499,000Blake
15-Jan-10296 Bain Ave$509,000Blake
11-Nov-10299 Bain Ave$519,900Blake3 br
08-Oct-10299 Bain Ave$529,000Blake3 br detached
15-Dec-09303 Bain Ave$459,000BlakePrice change from 18-Oct-2009: $469,000
18-Oct-09303 Bain Ave$469,000Blake
03-Jun-08303 Bain Ave$399,900Blake
28-Feb-08303 Bain Ave$449,000Blake
22-Jan-08303 Bain Ave$479,900Blake
05-Nov-10307 Bain Ave$699,000Blake3 storey, detached
15-Oct-10307 Bain Ave$699,000Blake3 storey, detached
09-Mar-10309 Bain Ave$439,000Blake
25-Jul-09316 Bain Ave$519,000Blake2.5 storey semi
02-Mar-10321 Bain Ave$439,000Blake3 br, Price change from 11-Feb-2010: $459,000
11-Feb-10321 Bain Ave$459,000Blake3 br
26-Jun-10333 Bain Ave$599,000BlakeTriplex, Price change from 17-Jun-2010: $649,900
17-Jun-10333 Bain Ave$649,900Blaketriplex
08-May-10333 Bain Ave$660,000BlakeTriplex, Price change from 17-Apr-2010: $675,000 and 6-Apr-2010: $699,900
17-Apr-10333 Bain Ave$675,000BlakeTriplex, Price change from 6-Apr-2010: $699,900
06-Apr-10333 Bain Ave$699,900Blaketriplex
07-Jul-07333 Bain Ave$495,000Blake
26-Jul-08337 Bain Ave$459,000Blake
26-Jul-08337 Bain Ave$459,000Blake
11-May-07338 Bain Ave$389,000Blake
21-Apr-07338 Bain Ave$419,000Blake
06-Mar-07339 Bain Ave$439,900Blakeincl: basement apartment
28-Jan-07339 Bain Ave$439,900Blakeincl: basement apartment
02-Dec-09343 Bain Ave$599,000Blakeattached
01-Dec-09343 Bain Ave$599,000BlakePrice change from 3-Nov-2009: $595,000
03-Nov-09343 Bain Ave$595,000Blakeattached
24-Sep-09343 Bain Ave$599,000Blake


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