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Boys Day Out originated in 2008, when a contingent of upstanding citizens attended a prostate cancer fundraiser called "Boys Night Out". It has since become an annual event.

Year Winner Course
2014 Paul Lakeview
2013 Jon Wooden Sticks
2012 Jon Braeben
2011 Jon Humber Valley


2008 Event

Inaugural event at the Distillery District. Participants were distinguished by their pink ties

2009 Event

The 2009 event was put together generously by MK. It included golf and dinner.

Highlights include

1. the luxurious ride up in Mr. Sue's CRV;

2. "The Shitty Threesome";

3. the perfect weather;

4. barely winning the tourney after giving up a six stroke lead going into the final three holes;

5. absolutely crushing one drive;

6. aiming for and almost hitting one of "The Shitty Threesome's" carts after Jimmy got lippy;

7. Jon pouring half my beer on me while messing with the breaks on the cart;

8. Dennis pouring half my beer on me after bumping us from behind;

9. Me pouring half a beer on myself after trying to get Jon back for messing with the breaks on the cart;

10. Credit Card Roulette – specifically, Jimmy getting picked after being mouthy to Kevin... and Eric getting picked, well, just because it's Eric and we've all seen him inexplicably come out on top so many times in the past.

At future events, a championship belt will be awarded to the winner of the golf tournament

2010 Event


2011 Event

The 2011 Event has held on Oct 16 at the Humber Valley Golf Course - Toronto.

Highlights include:

  • MK taking a devastating golf ball blow to the leg
  • JW somehow shooting the lowest score
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