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CCB was formed in Mountain View, California, USA in the fall of 2003.

Pogue Mahone Accord

1. ccb members will first confirm if they are attending or not. if they are attending, then they will suggest 1 place.
2. by 12 pm tomorrow, all ccb members will confirm attendance and their suggestion of place. confirmations can occur at anytime prior to the event, however if you confirm after 12pm tomorrow, you will not be allowed to suggest a place. if you confirm just to suggest a place but do not attend, ccb will determine further sanctions
3. after 12 pm, there will be various place suggestions. each member has one veto and will have the opportunity to use the veto. if they choose to use their veto, their place suggestion will also be removed.

for example
ccb member 1: first markham place
ccb member 2: real sports bar

if ccb member 2 vetos first markham place, the suggestion of real sports bar will also be removed from consideration. this system encourages ccb members not to make suggestions that other ccb members will find unattractive (i.e. east scarborough) fyi, i will likely veto maya hair salon because it is on my banned list.

4. in the event that after vetos are applied, there are no remaining suggestions. step 2 will be repeat, and suggestions will be taken
5. after all the vetos have been used, only ccb members with suggestions that are still in consideration will vote.


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  • ccbed
  • ccbyellowstone
  • ccbricetasting
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