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Cabbagetown is a neighbourhood in Toronto. It is bounded by Sherbourne to the west, the Don River to the east, Wellesley to the north, and Shuter to the south. A part of Cabbagetown east of Parliament Street is also referred to as 'Donvale'.

The name "Cabbagetown" stems from the Irish residents who lived there in the late 1800's. Many were poor, and resorted to growing cabbages in their front yards. A lot of the Irish and English residents of Cabbagetown at this time were tradesmen who worked building the homes in Rosedale. This heritage is celebrated each year with the Cabbagetown Festival in September.

The architecture is Victorian and Cabbagetown is claimed to be the largest Victorian housing area still existing in North America. After the first World war, Cabbagetown became a poorer district. The Regent Park Housing Projects were built and opened in 1953.

In the late 1970s, people began restoring the original Victorian housing to its original splendour. Artists, musicians, journalists and writers still live in the neighbourhood.


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