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Originally a park in the 1800s, area is now a market with shops and restaurants from all cultural backgrounds. Nations include middle eastern, thai, cajun, african, carribean, vietnamese and jewish. It is roughly in the area enclosed by College on the north, Dundas on the south, Spadina on the east and Bathurst on the west.

In recent years, upscale cafes and boutiques have moved into the neighbourhood, changing the immigrant work class roots it originated from. Even as a popular tourist destination, the market is a practical place for locals to do their everyday shopping.


Originally, a large estate known as "Ward" occupied the area. In 1850, the area was divided into row houses to house immigrant labourers. By the 1920s, the area because overcrowded, and the predominantly Jewish population moved west.

in the 1950s, the Jewish population moved north and the Portuguese moved in. By the 1970s new waves of immigrants from China and Africa moved in.

In 2006 Kensington was declared a national historic site.

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