Crown Princess Fining Dining - Chinese restaurant in downtown Toronto

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Restaurant Info

Cuisine: Chinese

Price range: $25

Address: Bay St.

Main intersection: Bay and Wellesley

Nearest subway: Wellesley Station

Neighbourhood: Bay St.

Telephone: 416

Website: <insert website>

Wheel chair accessible: yes

Crown Princess Fine Dining and Banquet

Crown Princess Fine Dining and Banquet is a Chinese restaurant located in downtown Toronto. It is considered a luxury restaurant and opened in mid 2010.

The restaurant has fine / lavish decorations and high quality food.

A sister restaurant is located in North York called Crown Prince Fine Dining and Banquet


Prices are a little higher than average but if you arrive before 11 am most of the items on the dim sum menu are $3.10 each!

Right from the get-go, you'll be impressed by the small details down to little porcelain rests for your enameled chopsticks and dandified teapots filled to the brim with fragrantly floral jasmine tea ($1.20/person).

The har gao ($5.30 for 4) is packed with fresh, plump pink pieces of shrimp steamed to perfection stuffing translucent rice flour pockets that are neither too thick nor too flimsy and adding just the right amount of carb to balance out the bright seafood flavour of the dumpling.

The siu mai is ($6.30 for 4)


Additional Pictures

Crown Princess Fine Dining and Banquet
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