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Dingwall Ave is a street in Toronto's Riverdale Neighbourhood. For houses prices in Riverdale, see: Riverdale Real Estate - Toronto.

House Listing Prices

Date Address Asking Price School District Notes
11-Feb-092 Dingwall Ave$738,000Pape
09-Jul-104 Dingwall Ave$779,000Pape
12-May-0711 Dingwall Ave$429,000Papedetached 5 br
11-May-0824 Dingwall Ave$549,000Pape
08-May-0824 Dingwall Ave$549,000Pape
28-Mar-0824 Dingwall Ave$599,000Pape
19-Mar-0824 Dingwall Ave$599,000Pape
31-Jan-0842 Dingwall Ave$639,900Blake
11-Sep-0945 Dingwall Ave$439,000Blake
18-Mar-0946 Dingwall Ave$639,900Blakedetached 3-storey 4 br
27-Apr-0759 Dingwall Ave$399,000Blake
12-Feb-0960 Dingwall Ave$549,900Blake
09-Jan-0761 Dingwall Ave$419,900Blake2.5-storey semi, single car garage
11-Mar-1162 Dingwall Ave$669,000Blake
03-Mar-1162 Dingwall Ave$679,000Blake4 br, 2 parking
24-Feb-1162 Dingwall Ave$649,000Blake4 br, 2 parking
23-Oct-1062 Dingwall Ave$699,000Blake
26-May-1063 Dingwall Ave$649,900Blake
05-Jun-0865 Dingwall Ave$649,000Blake
12-Mar-0968 Dingwall Ave$575,000Blake
04-Feb-0968 Dingwall Ave$598,500Blake
09-Apr-1071 Dingwall Ave$409,900Blake
11-Feb-1172 Dingwall Ave$549,900Blakesemi
23-May-0973 Dingwall Ave$459,000Blakeend unit of rowhouse
25-Apr-0875 Dingwall Ave$449,900Blake
09-Oct-0776 Dingwall Ave$479,000Blake2.5-storey
14-May-0776 Dingwall Ave$515,000Blake
28-Nov-0982 Dingwall Ave$629,500BlakePrice change from 7-Nov-2009: $639,000
07-Nov-0982 Dingwall Ave$639,000Blake
14-Apr-1026B Dingwall Ave$599,900Pape
12-Oct-0726B Dingwall Ave$489,000Papecorner store conversion


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