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Founded in 2007, the Evolution or "Evo" is a recreational hockey team that plays in the ASHL hockey league


Evo's jerseys are red and white. The logo is modeled after the logo of the Carolina Hurricanes.

Team strategy

Evo has been know for their potent offense, however they also have a solid defense which has been impenetrable during the playoffs


Key players who have played several seasons include

Team records

  • Most points in a game: James (5)
  • Most goals in a game: Eric (5)



Winter season Results
2009-2010 Regular Season: Active.
2008-2009 Regular Season (E1): 1st Place. Division Playoffs (E1): Finalists.
2007-2008 Regular Season (E2): 2nd place. Division Playoffs (E2): Champions. Facilties Tournament (E2): Champions. Regional Tournament (E2): 3rd Place

Summer season Results
2009 Regular Season (E1): 2nd Place. Division Playoffs (E1): Finalists. Facilties Tournament (E1): Champions. Regional Tournament: Unranked.
2008 Regular Season (E): 1st Place. Division Playoffs (E): Finalists.
2007 Regular Season (E2): 3rd place.
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