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Family Service Association of Toronto is a social services organization which offers individual and family counseling, advocacy efforts, group programs, education, outreach and other community research and events. More than 80% of the service hours provider fall under problem resolution, with the remainder used for community building and prevention activities.

Mission statement: "Strengthened families and individuals in just and supportive communities"

FSA is incorporated under the Ontario Corporations Act and is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act.

Key program areas

  • Research, education and planning
  • Family violence
  • Options, passport, learn save
  • Social reform
  • Changing lives
  • Community and Neighbourhood development
  • Employee assistance program



  • Earned income - $4.5M
  • Government - $9.1M
  • Donations - $0.9M
  • United Way - $3.6M
  • Other

TOTAL - $18.5M


  • Individual family and community programs and services - $11.6M
  • Employee assistance programs - $4.3M
  • Fundraising - $0.3M

TOTAL - $18.5M


  • Admin - $2.1M
  • Salaries - $15.1M
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