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Being the Liberty Reserve paymentprogramkeeps growing intoprogressively more popular, traffic wonder that the e-currency is traded. In this post ., we will attemptclarify this so that your procedures for theLiberty Reserve exchange be relatively easy.

First of all, let's briefly describe the payment system. Liberty Reserve is really a payment system, or processor, founded in 2003 and is under the jurisdiction of Costa Rica. The main currencies in the payment system are U.S. dollar, euro and gold. The thing that makes Liberty Reserve different from other payment processors is 100% payments irreversibility. Which means, once you have sent the bucks to anyone even by mistake, there will be no supply of it back.

Specifically for this reason, you need to be very careful about choosing an exchange office to the LR-involving transactions. Alongside with the overwhelming popularity, Liberty Reserve was required to face the increasing number of fraud attempts.

If Liberty Reserve to one or any other exchange office, please makes it listed on the payment system's website just as one official Liberty Reserve dealer (go on to

To stop unpleasant experience while managing LR, please read some pointers we ready for you. Follow them, along with your money will continue to be secured.

If Liberty Reserve to one or some other exchange office, please help it become listed on the payment system's website as a possible official Liberty Reserve dealer (proceed to

In case a dealer offers unbelievably favorable fx rates, it might be an undesirable sign too. It is obvious that exchange offices and trade platforms are created not to act as a charity but to generate profits. So, to become on the safe side, avoid dealing with those who gives you the e-currency for half the purchase price. You might not be capable of geting the money back.

When sending money, observe the note, or comment, you are asked to attach. When the dealer demands that you specify "charity purposes" or anything similar, tend not to transfer anything! They are likely to have fraudulent intentions!

In the event you follow these simple rules, you will always be protected against fraud. However, if you wish to be absolutely guaranteed from risks and losses, use >Magnetic Exchange on your Liberty Reserve transactions. It gives you moderate, industry-average fees and it is as reliable as being a bank since it is developed by a team of high-rated, widely acknowledged pros who have been dedicated to e-currency exchange for more than 3 years.

To initiate an exchange transaction, select the conversion type about the front page (e.g. LR EUR to PM USD). Then form a request by specifying the important points of the sender as well as the recipient. Next, what is request and pay. Once the funds are moved to the account of the exchange office, the service will, in a manual or an automatic mode, replenish the recipient's account. Exactly like that!

We'd like you good experience in struggling withLiberty Reserve!

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