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Harbord Village is a neighbourhood in Toronto. It is west of the University of Toronto, with Harbord street as the main throughfare. It in between Bloor and College, Spadina and Bathurst. Due to its close proximity to the University, the area has significant amounts of student housing.

In 2000 the residents' association renamed the area Harbord Village. It is part of the Annex.


The village was built as a middle class neighbourhood in the late 19th century. The rich mansions were in the Annex in the south and the poorer houses were near Kensington Market.

In 1966, all the homes in the Harbord Village were slated for demolition to make room for high-rise apartment buildings and parks that would have lined the Spadina Expressway. The plan for the Spadina Expressway eventually died in 1971.



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