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How to mine / "dig" Dogecoin - layperson's tutorial


What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. It was created in late 2013 based on a popular internet meme. The logo is a Shiba Inus - "favored by Shiba Inus worldwide".

Mining Dogecoin

Mining is a way to use your computer's processing power in exchange for Dogecoin. Essentially your computer's power will be used to keep the Dogecoin network up and running. In exchange, the Dogecoin network will create Dogecoins and give them to you.

Mining speed / How many Dogecoins can I get from mining?

You can mine using your computer's processor (cpu) or graphics (gpu) card. It is ideal to mine using a graphics card, it is faster

The speed of mining or the rate you will accumlate dogecoins is based on the power of your computer hardware. It is called hash rate and measure in k/Hash.

Here is the hash rate you can expect based on the cpu/gpu that you are using. Take the hash rate and plug it into this calculator: to determine how much Dogecoin or money you will make per day.

Getting setup to mine Dogecoin

Get Wallet

Download a Dogecoin wallet onto your computer. This wallet is where you will store your dogecoins. It is essentially for Dogecoin account.

In your wallet you will have an address.

Here is mine:DPghuoJH55mQQhaJEuwfH9g3Zv4ksdC1g3

This address can be used by someone who is sending you Dogecoins. Think of it as a bank account number.

Download Mining Software

The software you need is either cpu or gpu miner software. These can be downloaded from

I used a cpu miner - cpuminer-2.3.3 - win32

A gpu minier is cgminer 3.7.2-2windows

Join pool

Sign up for mining/digging pool. Essentially you pool your computer processing power with others in order to dig for Dogecoin.

Here is one:

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