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ItSpot is a new mobile social media application being launched in the summer of 2009.

Bringing deeper purpose to mobile social media and micro blogging, ItSpot shares information among people in a common area, using their mobile device as the gateway. Users are asked to "Spot" things of interest around them, answering the question, "What's happening where *you* are?"

While comprehensive local directory and review information can be found elsewhere, ItSpot's goal is to provide immediate relevancy, via 140 character "Spot" messages written by people and businesses already in the area. Instead of a social network of friends, the social network on ItSpot is everyone within or traveling to a physical area, all sharing interesting things that they've seen or discovered.

Designed and developed in Toronto by a couple of tech entrepreneurs from the original Internet boom, it's the culmination of many years work on various different mobile information projects.


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