LA Soft Tofu Stone Pot

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Restaurant Info

Cuisine: Korean

Price range: $20

Address: 606 Bloor St. Toronto

Main intersection: Bloor and Palmerston

Nearest subway: Bathurst Station

Neighbourhood: Korea Town

Telephone: 416-531-3544

Website: <insert website>

Wheel chair accessible: <yes or no>

Store front on Bloor St.

LA Soft Tofu Stone Pot is a Korean restaurant which specializes in Korean BBQ, soft tofu soup and stone pot dishes like bibimbap. It is on Bloor St. just east of Palmerston Ave. on the north side.

The restaurant offers an all you can eat (AYCE) Korean BBQ option for $18.99 for dinner, $12.99 weekday lunch and $14.99 weekend lunch. A-la cart Korean BBQ options are available too for those with small appetites. However a minimum of 2 BBQ items (most around $12.99) is required. See menu for details. A generous assortment of Korean side-dishes and complimentary soup is offered (for non AYCE people too).

This is a family-owned shop and staff members are not fully fluent in English.



606 Bloor St. at Palmerston

North Side of bloor, parking available on street or nearby Green-P lot.


  • Korean BBQ
  • Stone pot dishes
  • Soft Tofu


  • All you can eat options


Additional Pictures

LA Soft Tofu Stone Pot Interior
Dining Interior
LA Soft Tofu Stone Pot Interior
Another view of the interior
LA Soft Tofu Stone Pot Korean Side Dishes
Assortment of Korean Side Dishes
LA Soft Tofu Stone Pot Korean BBQ LA Kalbi and Short Ribs
Korean BBQ Kalbi and Short Ribs
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