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The LGBTQ Parenting Network is a program of Sherbourne Health Centre.

The Network promotes the rights and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer parents, prospective parents and their families through education, advocacy, research, social networking and community organizing.

The LGBTQ Parenting Network partners with Queer Parenting Programs at The 519 Church St. Community Centre to offer a range of LGBTQ family planning courses including Dykes Planning Tykes, Daddies & Papas 2B, Transmasculine People Considering Pregnancy, and Queer & Trans Family Planning(s).

The two programs co-sponsor an annual Back-to-School picnic every fall as well.

The LGBTQ Parenting Network offers events of interest to LGBTQ parents and their children, including an annual Family Camp in the fall, events for Family Day in February, and events for Family Visibility Day in May.

In addition, we sponsor the Up For Discussion series, which touches on a variety of topics of interest to LGBTQ parents and their children.

For a full listing of what is happening, please see the Parenting Connection website:


LGBTQ Parenting Network Sherbourne Health Centre 333 Sherbourne Street Toronto, Ontario M5A 2S5 Phone: (416) 324-4100 ext. 5219 or 5276 Fax: (416) 324-4262

[email protected]


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