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Langley Ave is a street in Toronto's Riverdale Neighbourhood. For houses prices in Riverdale, see: Riverdale Real Estate - Toronto.

House Listing Prices

Date Address Asking Price School District Notes
06-Feb-0716 Langley Ave$749,000Withrowdetached
08-Aug-0721 Langley Ave$409,000WithrowEstate sale, extra-wide semi
16-Aug-0741 Langley Ave$849,000WithrowApartments
10-May-1143 Langley Ave$1,188,000Withrowdetached, 3 separate units, 3-car garage
14-Oct-0961 Langley Ave$789,000Withrow3 suites
07-Aug-0861 Langley Ave$749,900Withrow3 loft style suites
21-May-0861 Langley Ave$789,000Withrow3 suites
02-Mar-1167 Langley Ave$748,000Withrow3 br
22-Oct-0876 Langley Ave$712,400Withrow
08-Jan-0982 Langley Ave$579,000Withrow
05-Nov-0882 Langley Ave$599,000Withrow
24-Sep-0882 Langley Ave$629,000Withrow3-storey
14-Apr-1087 Langley Ave$849,000Withrowbasement with sep entrance
09-Nov-1088 Langley Ave$749,900Withrow
28-Apr-10105 Langley Ave$799,900Withrowdetached 3br, 2-car parking
17-Mar-10107 Langley Ave$599,000Withrow2-car parking
19-Jun-10110 Langley Ave$599,900Withrow
09-Jun-11122 Langley Ave$579,000Withrow3+2 semi with detached garage, basement with separate entrance
26-Feb-10128 Langley Ave$549,000Withrow
25-Oct-08132 Langley Ave$689,900Withrow2.5 storey, 2-car garage
21-Apr-11135 Langley Ave$724,000Withrow3 br, parking
13-Apr-11135 Langley Ave$654,000Withrow3 br
10-Oct-07138 Langley Ave$474,900Withrowsemi, 2-car parking
14-Feb-07138 Langley Ave$488,888Withrow2+1
25-Apr-07146 Langley Ave$759,000Withrow
14-May-09148 Langley Ave$774,500Withrow2-car garage
24-May-07148 Langley Ave$599,000Withrow2-unit, 2-car garage
05-Apr-11151 Langley Ave$629,000Withrow2-car parking
30-Mar-11157 Langley Ave$799,000Withrow3 br, basement with sep entrance, 2-car parking
16-Sep-09163 Langley Ave$689,000Pape2br, 2-car parking
21-Oct-09170 Langley Ave$759,000Pape4 br, 2-car parking
22-Aug-08172 Langley Ave$749,000Pape
12-Aug-08172 Langley Ave$699,000Pape
30-Mar-10177 Langley Ave$799,000Pape3 self-contained units, 2 tandem parking
12-Aug-08177 Langley Ave$599,900Pape3 self-contained units
08-Jun-08177 Langley Ave$639,000Pape3 apartments
24-May-08177 Langley Ave$649,000Pape3 self-contained units
09-Feb-08192 Langley Ave$589,900Papeparking
16-Jan-08192 Langley Ave$599,900Pape
04-May-11195 Langley Ave$899,900Pape4 br
10-Sep-09196 Langley Ave$599,900Pape2-car parking
11-Aug-09197 Langley Ave$579,000Papeduplex, 2.5 storey with 1-car parking
04-Nov-09209 Langley Ave$489,900Pape2.5 storey, 2 units, 3-car lane parking
01-Mar-07212 Langley Ave$389,000Pape3 br semi
22-Feb-07214 Langley Ave$469,900Pape3 Br semi
27-Mar-10217 Langley Ave$749,000Pape
15-Oct-09217 Langley Ave$399,000Papelane parking
14-Sep-10219 Langley Ave$579,000Pape3+2, finished basement
31-Oct-07219 Langley Ave$499,000Papedetached, garage
19-Oct-07219 Langley Ave$549,000Papegarage
02-Oct-07219 Langley Ave$579,000Papedetached, garage
29-Sep-10237 Langley Ave$675,000Pape2-car garage, finished basement with sep entrance
09-Sep-10237 Langley Ave$695,000Pape2-car parking
21-Jul-10237 Langley Ave$699,000Pape2-car parking, price change from 8-Jul-2010: $719,000
08-Jul-10237 Langley Ave$719,000Pape2-car parking
04-Feb-10237 Langley Ave$399,900PapePrice change from 3-Feb-2010: $439,900
03-Feb-10237 Langley Ave$439,900Pape
21-May-081A Langley Ave$899,000Withrow3-storey, finished basement with sep entrance
19-May-107 Howland Rd$519,900WithrowPrice change from 5-May-2010: $549,000


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