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{{InfoBox | address = 95 East Beaver Creek Road | neighbourhood = Richmond Hill | intersection = <insert intersection> | subway = <insert neareast subway> | website = www.thebespokeman.com I phone = 905 707 8727


Le Firme Italian Designer Fashions
95 East Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 1L4

De Laurentiis Signature

Modern Bespoke Tailoring

The word bespoke comes from London's Savile Row, where it refers to the practice of making an original pattern for each customer so that no two customers' suits are ever exactly alike. De Laurentiis Signature Modern Bespoke tailoring follows in the Savile Row tradition, giving customers plenty of input into the design process and delivering a suit or garment that fits in a way no ready-made garment can rival.

De Laurentiis Signature Modern Bespoke tailoring emphasizes designer detailing and a contemporary fit that is often missing with more traditional custom tailors.

De Laurentiis Signature Modern Bespoke tailoring prides itself on using the finest natural fabrics to create a garment which truly reflects a Sartorial Legacy that can be passed on to future generations.


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