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exterior of lillian massey building
Exterior of Lillian Massey Building


The Lillian Massey Buildings is a turn of the century style building located at Bloor St. and Avenue Road in Toronto. It is opposite to the Royal Ontario Musuem.

The Lillian Massey building was constructed in 1906 as the University of Toronto's Faculty of Household Science. The faculty housed some of the university's first female professors. A gymnasium and swimming pool were included to serve women students, just as Hart House served the men.

The building features interior fittings of marble and oak and an exterior of Indiana limestone. The building now houses a Club Monaco retail store and the offices of the provincial Ombudsman. The swimming pool is still there, hidden under a false floor.

The Lillian Massey Building was designated by the City of Toronto as a Heritage building. In 2007, the University of Toronto renovated the building at a cost of $1.5M.


125 Queen's Park
Toronto M5S 1W8
Year of Construction: 1912
Gross Area: 4,087.85 sq meter

Occupant Departmental Offices

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