Lucky Moose - Grocery store in Chinatown, Toronto

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Lucky Moose - Toronto
Lucky Moose - Toronto
Lucky Moose - Toronto
Lucky Moose - Toronto

Lucky Moose is a Chinese Grocery store in Toronto's Chinatown. The store has a wild selection of fresh produce as well as meats. Chinese ingredients and snacks are also sold here. It is owned by David Chen, a Chinese immigrant



  • Butcher
  • Prepared food counter
  • Fresh produce
  • Seafood


7 Days a week, closes at 9pm


David Chen, the shopkeeper of the Lucky Moose was charged with assault, kidnapping, forcible confinement and concealment of a weapon. This stems from an incident in which he allegedly chased a shoplifter down an alley, bounded and locked him in a delivery truck.

Mr Chen has generated significant support from the Chinese community for his actions. Controversy swirls around the power of a citizen to make an arrest.

In the News

Two charges dropped against shopkeeper

Vigilante Shopkeeper Reject Plea Deal

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