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This is a work in progress...Please check back regularly for updates


This tutorial will guide you, with step-by-step instructions, on how to create a basic map in wikiTO. More advanced features may be found within the documentation of the Google Maps extension for MediaWiki located here

Mapping: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Go into Edit Mode by clicking on the Edit Tab above the article
    Along the top of the text editing box are several tool icons, for for example to bold text, add a link or picture etc. The last icon launches the map editor and it looks like this: Image:MapIcon.gif

  • Click on the Map Editor Icon to launch the Map Editor
    You will be presented with the map editor interface [fig 01]. Change the map from satellite mode to map mode [Fig 01 #1], and enter the name or address of the venue you want to map out in the search bar [Fig 01 #2] and hit "Search". Your destination will appear, on the map. Click on "Add to map". You will see the necessary code generated on the bottom.
Fig 01

  • Change Width to 275px and Height to 300px with the drop down boxes
    To allow the map to fit into the infoBoxes on the side, use the drop down boxes to change the size. Check to see the venue is still visible in the newly resize box.

  • Copy map code and paste into MapBox
    Copy the mapping code generated at he bottom of the Map Editor. Paste it and over the existing placeholder map code in the template. Hit Preview to check your work, and Save to make the modifications permanent.
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