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Queen's Park is an urban park in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was opened in 1860 by Edward - the Prince of Wales, named in honour of Queen Victoria. The park is the site of the Ontario Legislature. Sometimes the term "Queen's Park" is used to refer to the Leglislature. The park itself is owned by the University of Toronto, but the property was leased to the Government of Ontario in 1859 for a period of 999 years. Government Buildings surround the park. Throughout the year the park holds numerous public events.

The oval park is bounded by Queen's Park Crescent East and West and is near Avevnue Road and Bloor or College and University.


110 Wellesley Street West



The park has various statues including:

  • Statue of John A. Macdonald
  • Statue of John Graves Simcoe
  • 48th Highlanders Regimental Memorial
  • George Brown - one of the Fathers of Confederation by Charles Bell Birch 1884
  • King Edward VII - by Thomas Brock 1919; originally installed at the old King Edward VII Park (now Netaji Subhash Park) in Delhi, India in 1919, removed in 1967, sold in 1968 and re-installed in Toronto in 1969
  • Sir John A. Macdonald - first Prime Minister of Canada
  • John Sandfield Macdonald, first Premier of Ontario by Walter Allward 1909
  • William Lyon Mackenzie - leader of the Upper Canada Rebellion by Walter Allward 1940
  • Sir Oliver Mowat - third Premier of Ontario by Walter Allward 1905
  • Northwest Rebellion memorial
  • John Graves Simcoe - first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada by Walter Allward 1903
  • Queen Victoria - by Mario Raggi 1870
  • Sir James Pliny Whitney - sixth Premier of Ontario by Hamilton MacCarthy 1927
  • Ontario Veterans Memorial
  • Ontario Police Memorial - by Siggy Puchta 2000
  • Queen Elizabeth II Rose Gardens - in honour of Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee in 1977 and Golden Jubilee in 2002
  • Al Purdy - celebrated Canadian poet
  • Canadian Volunteer Monument - by Robert Reid 1870
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