Rouge Park - Toronto

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Rouge Park - Toronto

Rouge Park - Toronto
Rouge Park - Toronto
Rouge Park - Toronto

Rouge Park is a large park located in east Toronto. It is billed as "Toronto's Urban Park"

Rouge Park is over 47 km square. It protects two National Historic Sites and a variety of ecosystems. It joins Oak Ridges Moraine and the Toronto's biggest wetland. The Rouge River runs through the park into Lake Ontario.

The Rouge River is a marsh habitat stopover point for migratory birds that also supports waterfowl breeding. Rouge Beach Park is located at the mouth of the Rouge River. Two distinct geographical features define this area: a marsh area on the north side of the entrance road and a white sand beach on Lake Ontario.

The Rouge river
The Rouge river and its main tributary, Little Rouge Creek, flow through an area that remains largely undeveloped - the watershed encompasses about 2,200 hectares within Metropolitan Toronto. Red clay in the river's banks give the water a distinct colour as it flows towards Lake Ontario; early eighteenth century French explorers noted the water's colour and recorded it as Rivière Rouge on maps.



  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Beaches
  • Pinicking
  • West Rouge Canoe Club
  • Recreational fishing

Rouge Beach Park

Rouge Beach Park is a park part of the Rouge Park area run by the city of Toronto.

195 Rouge Hills Drive, Toronto - Terminus of Lawrence East.


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Rouge Park

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