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The Safe and Fun hockey league was founded in 2002 by Jeff Chang. The 2009-2010 season is the 7th winter season.

It is played on Friday nights at Ice Sports Scarborough and York University.

League Website

Winter season Champion Finalist
2011-2012 TBD TBD
2010-2011 Not Contested Not Contested
2009-2010  ? Mad Cows
2008-2009 Mad Cows Asian Flus
2007-2008 Bent Chopsticks Mad Cows
2006-2007 Bent Chopsticks Mad Cows
2005-2006 Mad Cows Former Champs
Summer season Champion Finalist
2011 Not Contested Not Contested
2010 Not Contested Not Contested
2009  ?  ?
2008  ?  ?
2007 Future Champs Bent Chopsticks
2006 Bent Chopsticks The Saints
2005 The Saints Back 2 Back Champs



From the Commissioner

1. we are closer to shinny attitude then we are league attitude.

2. slashing should not be involved, heavy hooking (keep it to a minimum), constantly rubbing players out is not really expected by other players

3. coming over a guys stick in an aggressive manner is most likely going to be seen as crossing the grey area – lifting a person’s stick is probably better (but a controlled lift)

4. doing things in control, and not recklessly (for example, skating extremely fast in busy areas with no intention to avoid other players, no intention to get out of the way)

5. hooking players too long, especially if someone has a step on you, and you continue to try and hold a person to slow them down

6. not taking a “win at all costs”, or “stop the person at all costs” attitude


  • Mad Cows
  • Bent Chopsticks
  • Asian Flu
  • Mish Mash
  • Future/Current/Back 2 Back Champs
  • The Saints
  • T and A
  • Newbies
  • Mish Mash

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