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Shaw St. in Toronto is a residential street which runs north south through Little Italy, the Annex and Koreatown. There are single family and multiple family residences.

Housing Prices

Date Address Listing Price
18-Mar-111074 Shaw St., Toronto$429,000
13-Nov-101221 Shaw St., Toronto$499,000
06-Oct-101221 Shaw St., Toronto$549,000
06-Nov-10128 Shaw St., Toronto$549,000
09-Sep-10128 Shaw St., Toronto$569,000
08-Dec-10189 Shaw St., Toronto$768,000
16 Sep 2010 215 Shaw St., Toronto$799,900
23-Mar-11217 Shaw St., Toronto$849,000
20-Nov-10235 Shaw St., Toronto$695,000
02-Sep-1027A Shaw St., Toronto$469,000
17-Nov-10319 Shaw St., Toronto$799,900
9 Jun 2011 385 Shaw St., Toronto$799,900
02-Jun-11385 Shaw St., Toronto$819,000
25 Jun 2011 437 Shaw St., Toronto$679,000
31 May 2011 437 Shaw St., Toronto$749,900
07-May-11437 Shaw St., Toronto$849,999
09-Aug-11437 Shaw St., Toronto$649,000
2 Dec 2010 487 Shaw St., Toronto$679,000
23 Jan 2011 487 Shaw St., Toronto$649,000
21 Oct 2010 57 Shaw St., Toronto$819,000
4 Jun 2011 681 Shaw St., Toronto$799,000
24-Mar-11683 Shaw St., Toronto$829,000
27-Oct-10704 Shaw St., Toronto$689,000
10-Nov-10712 Shaw St., Toronto$614,900
18-Nov-10712 Shaw St., Toronto$614,900
02-Oct-10712 Shaw St., Toronto$639,900
23-Nov-10712 Shaw St., Toronto$599,900
10-May-11753A Shaw St., Toronto$499,000
24-Jun-1181 Shaw St., Toronto$729,000
27-May-1181 Shaw St., Toronto$699,000
17 Apr 2011 815 Shaw St., Toronto$889,900
18-Jun-11815 Shaw St., Toronto$879,000
04-Aug-11815 Shaw St., Toronto$739,000
09-Apr-11815 Shaw St., Toronto$849,900
27 Apr 2011 838 Shaw St., Toronto
5 May 2011 838 Shaw St., Toronto$569,000
27 Jun 2011 850 Shaw St., Toronto$595,000
14 Sep 2010 862 Shaw St., Toronto$699,000
15 Oct 2010 862 Shaw St., Toronto$679,000
19-Nov-10862 Shaw St., Toronto$659,000
10-Aug-11883 Shaw St., Toronto$699,000
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