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Here's the deal

The weather's getting hot and humid, and us folks at want to keep you comfortable while you check out all that this great city has to offer. The 2010 Summer Prize Pack consists of:

  • New, distressed unisex baseball by Guess
  • New Aveeno SPF 45 Spray-On Sun Screen

Summer 2010 Prize Pack

What you need to do

Be the FIRST person to do the following

1. Register for an account on


2. Upload your photos that you've taken during the G20 summit to our G20 Summit page (be sure to properly describe the photo) and contribute something to the page


Write about a restaurant or business or event located at New Kennedy Square


Write one new or contribute to TWO existing articles on WikiTO

The rules

You can create a new article or update an existing article on (We've got nearly 1000 articles about various venues around the city so it shouldn't be hard to contribute to something!)

For New Articles

  1.  Upload at least one photo 
      (one that you took yourself or one that you have permission to use)
  2.  Complete Info box
  3.  Create a Map
  4.  30 - 50 word description / article
  5.  Categorize the article correctly
  6.  Add any pertinent links

For Existing Articles

  1.  At least one piece of relevant additional information not present before
  2.  30 - 50 word update of the description / article
  3.  1 recent photo, different from any existing photos on the site
      (one that you took yourself or one that you have permission to use)

Help on writing

You can follow the Writing Tutorial:

I did what you asked. What's next?

Fire us an email at gmail dot com or via FaceBook and tell us which articles you wrote and once we verify the articles we'll get in touch with regards to how you can pick up the prize pack.

Stay tuned! There will be more giveaways coming soon!

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