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Playground at Sunnyside Park
View of Lake Ontario
Sunnyside Pool - historic photo
Sunnyside Pool - historic photo
Sunnyside Train Station - historic photo

Sunnyside park is located at the shore of Lake Ontario and stretches west from Ontario Place. It is popular with joggers, beach goes and dragonboaters.



The area functioned as an amusement park from 1922 to 1956. The amusement park was closed to make way for the widening of Lake Shore Blvd. The original carousel was moved to Califonia's Disneyland. Two of the original buildings remain - the Pavilion and the Palais Royale


The Pavilion is an arched structure with influences from a Tuscan villa. It has locker rooms, a 100 yard swimming pool and a restuarant with outdoor seating. The Pavilion was declared a historic site in 1975.


The outdoor pool (Gus Ryder Pool) at Sunnyside was the biggest outdoor pool in North America when it opened in 1922. The pool is over 50M long and holds 750K gallons of water. It is opened until 11:45 on most summer nights.


1755 Lake Shore Blvd. (at Parkside Dr.)

TTC - 80 Bus south from Keele Station

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