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Taylor-Massey Creek is a tributary of the Don River.



The creek starts in Terraview Willowfield Park, a restoration project, named after a nearby public school. It flows through two medium sized ponds with naturalized channels. From there it flows southeast through a series of concrete lined channels and drains. This section runs along an abandoned hydro right of way before entering a residential and industrial section that is closed to public access.


Restoration Efforts

In 1993, a citizens group called Friends of the Don East began environmental restoration projects along the creek and the adjacent ravine land. They have planted trees and shrubs and have been involved in the restoration of small wetlands. FODE has created a watershed plan called the Taylor-Massey Project that lays out a plan for restoration in the watershed. This includes public education of watershed issues and the creation of volunteer stewardship groups[1]

In 2003, the City of Toronto implemented the Wet Weather Flow Management Master Plan which calls for a reduction of storm water flow into Taylor-Massey Creek and also recommends a restoration plan that will improve habitat in the creek for fish and other water dwelling organisms.[2] The city has also pledged to locate illegal sewer hookups and redirect them into sanitary sewers.


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