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Useful Info

Address (if applicable): <insert address>

Main intersection (if applicable): <insert intersection>

Nearest subway: <insert neareast subway>

Notable features: <insert features here>

Telephone: <telephone>

Website: <insert website>

Please insert a picture as shown. Add more if desired, using the same parameters as used in the example.

Put a description of the transportation service or street here. Anything that is useful for the reader would be great.

To Insert a Map of the location of the street or transport hub click the right most icon on the toolbox above and a google map image will appear to allow you to enter an address. Set the width to 275 and height to 300. Be sure to centre the location of the building in your map. Code will be generated for you to copy and paste into the {{GoogleMapBox}} field as shown in the example here.


Provide a description of the nearby neighbourhood:

North West corner of Victoria Street and Shuter Street. One block north of Dundas Street, close to Yonge Street.

Additional information

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Bike Lanes
  • Diamond lanes
  • 24 hour street car service

Additional Pictures

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