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The Tuesday Big Game is a game of No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker. Standard blinds are $0.25/$0.50. It is held on occasion at a secret location in the North York part of Toronto. The Tuesday Big Game is sanctioned by Koto's Management. It is often compared to High Stakes Poker

Money in the game at recent event


Updated Information

Normal Tuesday Game as per Usual after Late Night Impromptu Game that was to be Postponed.

:: Styles668 :: 05:54pm, March 15, 2011

Spy cam shot of big game by one of the players
Dirty Sanchez' favourite hand
One of the BIG game players
New kidz hanging tough!
Skills in eating without utensils and check-raising at the same time.

Regular players

Shorty Lee, One Ball, Duck, Lower Case E, Upper Case E, The Chief (A.K.A. Dirty Sanchez), The Non-Gambler, Jon Jon, Dirty Tim, Condo Wes

Other Notables

Choi Boi, Essence (Sucka) Lee, Edwin (Ha), Mr. 100%, Naj, Daniel Negreanu

Bad Beat Jackpot

Registration = $10.00 to qualify for Bad Beat Jackpot, One Time Fee. To qualify for BBJ Tournaments, you must play 10 sessions of the total individual session to be eligible.

Pot Builds by:

Any pot which has a flop = $0.25

Any pot between $8.00 to $17.75 = $0.50

Any pot between $18.00 to $27.75 = $1.00

Any pot between $28.00 to $37.75 = $1.50

Any pot between $38.00 to $49.75 = $2.00

Any pot over $50.00 = $3.00

Of the Bad Beat Jackpot, 20% of the night’s Pot goes to the House for accommodations and refreshments.

Bad Beat Jackpot Payouts:

Bad Beat Loser = 40.0% (Adjusted 2010/01/12 from 35.0%)

Bad Beat Winner = 20.0% (Adjusted 2009/11/18 from 17.5%)

Table (Split) = 20.0% (Adjusted 2009/11/18 from 17.5%)

House = 5.0% (Adjusted 2009/11/18 from 10%)

Returned to Bad Beat Jackpot = 15.0% (Adjusted 2010/01/12 from 35.0%)

Total = 100.0%

Qualification for the Bad Beat Jackpot is both hole cards must be used by both players.

High Hands 2 Cards 1 Card

Royal Flush 15.0% 5.0%

Straight Flush 10.0% 4.0%

Four of a Kind 5.0% 3.0%

Qualification for high hand concludes at the end of the betting of the hand in order to collect. No call is required. No rabbit hunting to qualify for the high hand if drawing.

Qualifying Hands for Bad Beat Jackpot are Full House Aces over 8’s or Better. (Adjusted 2009/12/27 from Aces over 6's)

If player does NOT contribute to Bad Beat Jackpot and qualifies for a payout, their payout is omitted and reinvested back into the Bad Beat Jackpot.

Current Bad Beat Jackpot

Initial Bad Beat Jackpot (after 26 sessions, 9 High Hand & 12 Registrants) = $1945 dollars. $1800 was used towards the Bad Beat Tourney, player rebate and festivities. (Updated Feb 3, 3:36 am)

Second Bad Beat Jackpot (after Bad Beat Tourney #1, 36 sessions, 15 High Hands, 1 Registrant) = $2005 dollars. (Updated Jan 12th, 2:41 am)

Current Bad Beat Jackpot (after Bad Beat Tourney#2, 14 sessions 6 High Hands, 1 Registrant) = $930 dollars. (Updated May 4th, 3:31 am)

Bad Beat Jackpot Tournament

2010 First Annual BBJ Professional Poker Tournament was held on Feb 9, 2010.

As the Bad Beat Jackpot had not been hit, a tournament was held to all registrants with at least 10 appearances.

Tournament was based on a 30 minute blind structure starting with 3000 starting chips. 11 Total players were entered and was completed in a one day tournament. Top 5 players were awarded a Cash Prize.

Notable Big Hands

Rd 5 22:34 minutes One Ball As10d vs. Shorty Lee KhQc - Ah.10h.2c.Ac.Jh - (Royal Flush vs. Full House Aces over Tens) - Legitimate Bad Beat

Rd 6 14:46 minutes Tim Ad.Js vs. Jon Jon JdJc vs. Sanchung 9d8d - 8h.3s.6s.As.3s Tim won with Two pair Aces and Threes Jon Jon won sidepot with Two Pair Jacks over Threes

Congratulations to all players. Hope to see everybody for the 2nd Bad Beat Jackpot Tournament! Ensure your attendance (at least 10) is sufficient to qualify

2010 First Annual BBJ Professional Poker Tournament Finishes:

11th - ATM Eric - KsQs vs. Qh5h - Kd.6c.3c.9h.6s (One Pair Kings) @ Rd 2 22:07 minutes - Won by Tim

10th - Non-Gambler - Ah9h vs. XxXx - Jd.7c.3h.10s.8c (Jack High Straight) @ Rd 3 18:14 minutes - Won by Sanchung

9th - Sanchung Jr. - 7c7s vs. KsQc - 3c.5d.4d.10d.4h (One Pair Sevens) @ Rd 4 24:23 minutes - Won by One Ball

8th - Duck - AhQh vs. AsKs - 2d.Qd.Ad.9d.3s (Two Pair Aces and Queens) @ Rd 5 12:57 minutes - Won by Condo Wes

7th - Jon Jon - KcQd vs. Kd10h - 3s.8c.9c.10c.5c. (King High Flush) @ Rd 7 25:41 minutes - Won by Lower Case E

6th - Tim - 2h4h vs. Qs3d - Qc.5d.3c.2d.2c (Three of a Kind Deuces) @ Rd 7 29:53 minutes - Won by Lower Case E

5th - Condo Wes - 7s7c vs. 6s2d (Blind) - Qd.5c.6d.5h.Ks (Two Pair Sevens and Fives) @ Rd 8 12:39 minutes - Won by Lower Case E

4th - Sanchung - Qs10s vs. As10d - 4h.8h.Qc.9c.8s (Two Pair Queens and Eights) @ Rd 8 24:09 minutes - Won by Shorty Lee

3rd - Lower Case E - KhJh vs. Ad9d - Qs.10d.2c.8h.Ac (Ace High Straight) @ Rd 9 11:48 minutes - Won by One Ball

2nd - One Ball - JcJd vs. Js10d - Kh.Jh.4c.10h.9c (Three of a Kind Jacks) @ Rd 9 27:20 minutes

1st - Shorty Lee AKA Benny Lava AKA Darth Deeb AKA Host

2011 2nd Annual BBJ Professional Poker Tournament Finishes:

10th - Wes - Unfortunately was sponsored in a poker tournament in Asia and could not attend

9th - Tim - AdQh vs. Ac9s - Kd.10s.6c.Qc.10d (One Pair Tens) @ Rd 3 6:32 minutes - Won by Bounty Hunter Eric

8th - Duck - 10c8c vs. 9d9c - 10h.2c.2s.3c.4h (Two Pair Tens and Deuces) @ Rd 3 13:43 minutes - Won by Bounty Hunter Eric

7th - Sanchung - AsJs vs. 9c8h - 6c.5h.9c.Kh.Jh (One Pair Jacks) @ Rd 4 14:22 minutes - Won by Jon Jon

6th - Bruce - 9s9c vs. 10s.4h - Ah.6c.5c.As.3d (Two Pair Aces and Nines) @ Rd 5 1:04 minutes - Won by Bounty Hunter Eric

5th - Bounty Hunter Eric - AcJs vs. As10c - 5d.Jc.9c.Jd.4d (Three of Kind Jacks) @ Rd 5 11:53 minutes - Lower Case E

4th - Shorty Benny Lava Deeb - AsQh vs. JcJh - Ad.2c.Kc.3c.6d (One Pair of Aces) @ Rd 5 15:22 minutes - Lower Case E

3rd - One Ball - AcKh vs. Ad8d - 5c.5d.Js.7h.9d - (One Pair of Fives) @ Rd 6 1:23 minutes - Won by Jon Jon

2nd - Lower Case E - Ah10s vs. Qh10c - 2c.Jc.2s.7d.5h - (One Pair of Deuces) @ Rd 6 9:51 minutes

1st - Jon Jon - The Best Professional Tuesday Big Game Poker Player

BBJ Tourney Images
BBJ Tourney Images

2011 3rd BBJ Professional Poker Tournament "Wes going away edition" Finishes:

10th - Jon Jon - Q9 vs QJ on Queen high board. Won by Tim.

9th - Upper Case E - 45 by 10-10 on a 10-high board - Won by Lower Case E

8th - Chief - KQ vs 9-10 on a pair of 9s - Won by Adam.

7th - Wes - AQ vs K10 - A-K-5-Q-J board. Flopped top pair, turned 2 pair, riverered by a straight. Won by Adam.

6th - Tim - 9-5 vs AK. Won by Ryan.

5th - Lower Case E. - K 10 vs Q 5. Flop was QJx. Pair of queens held up against OESD. Won by One-ball.

4th - Adam - K9 vs Q10. Won by One-Ball.

3rd - Ryan - A10 vs J10. Flush. Won by Benny Lava.

2nd - Benny Lava - 9s10s vs. AsKs on a all spade flop. Won by One-ball.

1st - One-ball. - The Best BBJ Professional Tuesday Big Game Poker Player

BBJ Tourney Images


Prop bets are often made on the colour and the cards that appear on the flop. Bets with folded hands are also common.

There is a seven-deuce game. Any player who wins a pot and shows 7-2 wins $0.50 from each of the other players who were dealt a hand.

Live straddles are in play in which the player after the blind has the option to place a "blind bet" at a minimum of double the big blind but have the "live" option to check or bet when the option returns to them.

Colossus and Dirty Sanchez are two toy characters which act as chip protectors.

The blind structure appears to be relatively small, but the game isn't.

Largest take in one session = +$595 ($100 buy-in) - Upper Case E. 2010-05-25.

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