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Driving Test Locations

Driving Test Routes

Metro East (Lawrence and Victoria Park)

1.Left turn onto Lawrence from plaza
2.Right turn onto Victoria Park
3.Right turn onto Sloane ave.
4.Uphill/Downhill park
5.Right turn onto Wyndfcliff Cres.
6.Right turn onto Teak ave.
7.Left turn on Carnfoth ave.
8.3-point turn
9.Parallel park
10.Head back to plaza on Carnforth ave.
11.Head-in park

Metro East Driving Test (Lawrence and Victoria Park)

Port Union (Scarborough)


1.exit parking lot, stop at stop sign and turn left on Carl Hall Road. Follow through, stopping at stop signs and the pedestrian crossing. Turn right on Sheppard.
2.switch lanes.
3.turn right at Tuscan Gate.
4.turn right at St Regis Cres. North. Uphill Park; then perform Emergency Stop.
5.turn left on Bakersfield Road and then turn left again on St Regis Cres. Perform parallel park. Perform 3 point turn.
6.turn right at Bakersfield Rd., continue to Tuscan Gate and turn right on Sheppard
7.switch lanes, turn left at Carl Hall Road and go back to the Drive Centre, parking frontward.

Driving Test Tips

  • check all mirrors - as much as possible
  • maintain proper distance (Have the back tires of the car in front of you always visible in your windshield )
  • put emergency brake on when parking (Uphill parking wheel direction - make sure the wheels are pointed the right way)
  • stay in the right lane
  • use your signals and change lanes in the proper places
  • watch for pedestrians and cyclists, even talk about them so the instructor knows you have acknowledged their presence
  • adjust you seats, mirrors, etc before you move the car. shut of cell phones & all distractions. circle check your car before you drive
  • signaling for everything (signal well ahead of time when performing lane changes)

Driving Schools


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