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2009 parade along Yonge St.
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Toronto are a diverse group of people,it has a plethora of events that reflect this diversity. At any given time of the year in Toronto, there is a large-scale event occurring with Toronto Festivals. These events celebrate different cultures and art. Major Toronto events and festivals have an attendance near to the millions and influence the arts not just in Canada, but all over the world. The following events are only just a few that happen yearly in Toronto.



Toronto has a well-sized Caribbean population. One of Toronto's annual festivals caters to the Caribbean population in Toronto: The Toronto Caribana. The Caribana is a big party that lasts the entire weekend and gives the local people of Caribbean descent a chance to celebrate their culture. Of course, all people can enjoy this event, as it features an array of music artists that play the music of the Caribbean, including Dancehall, Socca, and Reggae. Caribana has a plethora of events, such as music performances, pool parties, fashion shows, and parades.

Taste of the Danforth

Like Caribana, Taste of Dunforth celebrates a different culture: the Greek culture. This Toronto festival features plenty of Greek food, with free samples and plenty of food vendors. Also, there are Greek dancers and Greek musicians. This Toronto festival is family friendly so that all can enjoy.


Toronto has a rich arts community, and its festivals reflect that. The Toronto International Film Festival is world famous. Some of the best films from all over the world are shown at the TIFF. It is considered by many to be the most important film festival in the world. Films spanning all genres made by famous directors to lesser known filmmakers are shown at the festival.

Nuit Blanche

The Nuite Blanche is a one night, free art festival that began in 2006. Nuite Blanche includes more than 500 artists and exhibits. Over a million people attended the last Nuite Blanche. It is considered one of the major art events in Toronto.

Beaches Jazz festival

The Beaches Jazz festival is a large scale event that features hundreds of Jazz performers that will delight Jazz music lovers. There are a number of different stages and even a childcare center for adults who want some time away from their children.

Dragonboat (Toronto International Dragonboat Festival)

The premises of the Dragonboat are based off the Chinese tradition of racing dragon shaped boats down a river yearly. At the Dragonboat festival in Toronto, over 200 teams and 5,000 participants compete. The participants come from different countries. The Dragonboat festival's proceedings benefit charity. The beneficiary was the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Toronto Pride Festival

The Pride festival is another unique Toronto festival. The main goal of the festival is to celebrate and support the LGBT community. The Pride festival has been running for over 20 years and is run by a non-profit organization. This Toronto festivals feature parades, arts and entertainment, events geared toward youth and adults and most important of all, a great support system for the gay community.

Fringe Festival

The Fringe Festival is Toronto's largest theatre festival. Productions range from drama, musicals, to improv acts that take place in local theatres and in not-so-traditional including playgrounds and parking lots.

Hot Docs - Documentary Film Festival in Toronto

Hot Docs is an international documentary festival held every year in Toronto. Documentaries from Canada and around the world are featured.

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