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Victor Ave is a street in Toronto's Riverdale Neighbourhood. For houses prices in Riverdale, see: Riverdale Real Estate - Toronto.

House Listing Prices

Date Address Asking Price School District Notes
17-Sep-093 Victor Ave$699,000Withrow5 br
14-Apr-073 Victor Ave$599,800Withrowsemi
29-Apr-0915 Victor Ave$629,000Withrow
29-Apr-1137 Victor Ave$789,900Withrowextra-wide (23\') semi
24-Apr-0938 Victor Ave$659,900Withrow3-storey semi
08-Aug-0838 Victor Ave$679,000Withrow
24-Jun-0940 Victor Ave$769,000Withrow
31-Oct-0840 Victor Ave$789,000Withrow
22-Oct-0840 Victor Ave$829,000Withrow
29-Sep-0840 Victor Ave$799,900Withrow
21-Mar-0840 Victor Ave$459,900Withrow
26-Oct-0851 Victor Ave$699,000Withrow3-storey 5 br
10-Oct-0851 Victor Ave$719,800Withrow3-storey 5 br
23-May-0753 Victor Ave$619,000Withrow
15-Apr-0755 Victor Ave$489,000Withrow
24-Apr-0756 Victor Ave$569,000Withrow
29-Oct-1060 Victor Ave$499,000Withrowsemi
14-Mar-0764 Victor Ave$479,000Withrow2.5 storey semi duplex
24-Sep-0973 Victor Ave$899,000Withrow
15-Apr-1087 Victor Ave$550,000Withrow3-storey semi, 3 br, 3 kitchens
18-May-11101 Victor Ave$769,000Withrow
09-Apr-11101 Victor Ave$869,900WithrowPrice change from 6-Mar-2011: $898,800
06-Mar-11101 Victor Ave$898,800Withrow
11-Nov-10101 Victor Ave$599,900Withrow2.5 storey detached
28-Jan-07111 Victor Ave$494,999Withrow3 br
10-Apr-09118 Victor Ave$719,000Withrow
05-Feb-09118 Victor Ave$719,000Withrow
23-Apr-08118 Victor Ave$459,000Withrow
17-Jun-07121 Victor Ave$699,000Withrow
01-May-07123 Victor Ave$489,000Withrow4 br
30-Mar-11148 Victor Ave$739,900Withrow
14-Oct-10149 Victor Ave$725,000Withrowduplex
14-May-11157 Victor Ave$829,000Withrow3 storey detached
07-May-11157 Victor Ave$699,000Withrow3 storey detached
20-Apr-11157 Victor Ave$899,000Withrow3 storey detached
13-Oct-07157 Victor Ave$799,000Withrow
26-May-11161 Victor Ave$599,900Withrow3 br
05-Dec-08182 Victor Ave$499,000Papegarage
07-May-10203 Victor Ave$789,000Pape
06-Dec-08203 Victor Ave$759,900Pape
11-Jul-08203 Victor Ave$449,900Pape
25-Mar-09205 Victor Ave$599,000Pape
05-Mar-09205 Victor Ave$629,000Pape
21-Apr-09210 Victor Ave$489,000Pape
09-Sep-09213 Victor Ave$549,000Pape2.5 storey
19-Apr-07215 Victor Ave$499,900Pape2.5 storey semi
13-Mar-10235 Victor Ave$589,000Pape3 br, double garage, basement apt with sep entrance
02-Feb-10237 Victor Ave$649,900Pape
25-Jan-08237 Victor Ave$529,000Papedetached, 3 br, 2-car parking
15-May-07237 Victor Ave$469,900Pape
30-Mar-07237 Victor Ave$499,900Pape


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