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Withrow Avenue Junior Public School, Toronto TDSB

Withrow Avenue Public School is situated in [[Riverdale][ (Bain/Withrow and Broadview). The school opened in 1903.The school's current building was constructed in 1972, and was designed an open-concept model Withrow offers offers both an English and Early French Immersion program to approximately 600 students. It serves grades JK - 6. The building also houses the Withrow Childcare Centre as well as Quest Alternative Senior School. Withrow is also a focal point for the community and is used by community groups outside school hours.

The grounds of Withrow Avenue Public School used to be an aboriginal encampment. A 1988 Toronto Historical Board plaque giving the details is attached to the school. As well, inside the school is a display of some artifacts found on the site.


School performance

Withrow Public school performs at the top levels in the Grade 3 and Grade 6 standardized provincial tests. The popularity and prestige of the schoool has driven property values in the area.


Principal: Elaine Alexander
Vice Principal(s): Rory Sullivan
School Council Chair(s): Linsey Blakely, Teri Courchene
Superintendent: Mike Gallagher
Trustee: Cathy Dandy

Contact info

25 Bain Ave, Toronto, ON
M4K 1E5
Phone #:416-393-9440
Fax #: 416-393-9595
Email:[email protected]

Withrow's Song

As we stand at the door,
With a plan, books in hand.
And we walk down through the halls of Withrow,
Little hands for little toys,
Shaping dreams of girls and boys.
We are led to believe in ourselves,
"W" a wish for each and all,
Red and white remind us to stand tall.
Thoughts we share, we want to know,
We are members of Withrow.
In the school, out the door, at the gate forever more,
Withrow is my second home.
What we learn will make us strong,
As we move on.

Withrow's Mission Statement

Withrow Public School is a dynamic community of lifelong learners working together towards equity and excellence through trust, mutual respect, co-operation, and critical thinking in the pursuit of knowledge. To this end:

-We accept the challenge of working for positive change.
-We foster an inclusive environment where the contributions of all are encouraged.
-We take responsibility for our learning, actions, and interactions.
-We seek to become confident decision makers and socially responsible citizens.