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Welcome! Contributing to WikiTO is really really easy. Various templates have been setup and formatted with useful elements to make article-writing a snap. This tutorial has been written as a guide to quickly put together an article for WikiTO.

First and foremost, you must register with a valid e-mail address to create pages! Registering also allows you to upload pictures for the article, and allows the site administrators to communicate with you. Once you have registered, you will promptly receive an e-mail from us with a link to confirm your account. You must do this in order to add/edit articles on wikiTO. When you are ready to contribute, please check whether or not the topic you wish to write about is already in WikiTO. An enormous number of entries have been entered, and there's a chance that the article about a restaurant, club or group you want to write about has already been started. If that's the case and you can simply add to it with additional information and photos. However, if you don't see an entry for your topic, you will have to create a new page.

Page Templates

Before we go into how to create a new page, you should be aware that several templates have been created for you. They are listed in the Templates Directory (http://wikito.org/Templates_Directory). Templates for articles have been created concerning

All you need is to insert the template into a blank article and start writing! Please take a look at them as it will give you an idea of how your article will look when it is done. It also contains reference instructions on how to upload pictures.

Getting Started: A Step-by-Step Guide

The following is an example of how to start an article about an imaginary restaurant called "Yummy Tummy" that you recently visited.

  • Verify that articles about Yummy Tummy is not already on the site
    Enter "Yummy Tummy" in the search box and hit the "Go" [fig 01]. The site returns with a result page indicating that there are "No Title Matches" or "No Text Matches". Click on "Create This Page" [fig 02] (red arrow).

  • Insert a template into new page
    This part is extremely easy as well. Since we are writing about a restaurant we put in {{subst:RestaurantTemplate}} into the first line and press the "Show Preview" button to verify that the template and all related code is inserted for you [fig. 03]. Finally hit Save Page to make the code insertion permanent, and start writing! Here is the full list of codes to insert other templates:

   * Condo Template ==> {{subst:CondoTemplate}} 
   * Building Template ==> {{subst:BuildingTemplate}} 
   * Retail Template ==> {{subst:RetailTemplate}} 
   * Restaurant Template ==> {{subst:RestaurantTemplate}} 
   * Services Template ==> {{subst:ServicesTemplate}} 
   * Organizations Template ===> {{subst:OrganizationsTemplate}} 
   * Events and Attractions Template ==> {{subst:EventsAttractionsTemplate}} 
   * Sports and Recreation ===> {{subst:SportsRecTemplate}}
   * Streets and Transportation ===> {{subst:StreetsAndTransportTemplate}} 

Fig. 03

Editing InfoBoxes

Info Boxes are the square boxes located on the right of each page which contain useful information about a location, building etc. They are extremely easy to edit, too. In the wiki code, you will see a section containing the text "xxxxxInfoBox" where xxxxx corresponds to the type of article you are writing. If an article is about a condo, the template uses the "CondoInfoBox"; similarly an article about a retail store will have a "RetailInfoBox".

To change the contents of the InfoBox, simply replace the text located within the angled braces "< .... >". For example if Yummy Tummy is a French restaurant, replace "<insert type of cuisine>" with French, and do that for the remaining fields.

Editing Maps

You can interactively create mapping code using the Map Editor. This is the recommended way since it is easier than figuring out the exact longitude and lattitude of the location you want to map out. With the Map Editor you can:

  • plot markers with captions
  • create colored paths
  • look up addresses and businesses, and plot them on a map
  • generate the map code for you copy and paste into your wiki document

A separate tutorial has been made with instructions on how to create a basic map here

Uploading Pictures

WikiTO supports images in the following formats: GIF, JPEG, JPG, and PNG up to 2MB. Image size should not exceed 1500 pixels in any dimension otherwise it would be recognized as a corrupt file. To upload a picture do the following:

  • In the template you'll see code that resembles:


and since there is no picture you'll see something rendered like this:

  • To upload your picture for Yummy Tummy, you'll have to change insert_picture.jpg to the file name of the image file that you want to upload. For example if it's Yummy1.jpg change the code to


Then you will see the image frame change to

  • Click on the link to see the get to the upload screen. NOTE: To save storage space, please keep the width and height of all images below 2000 pixels.
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